Beth Hempton illustration

Illustrator & Bigtime Retrophile


"Obsessed with the beauty in the details" is one way that I describe myself. Another is that I am often overcome with anemoia. If you haven't heard of this term, it's an interesting phenomenon: nostalgia for a time you've never known. Nostalgic is how I feel when browsing long-forgotten items in vintage stores or watching old black and white movies - but how can this be? These gorgeous things are from decades before I was even born, but for some reason, I just love them.

Old-fashioned things like phonographs, vintage style clothing & accessories, and mid-century homewares are recurring motifs of my artwork. I'm inspired by trying to capture the amazing details of everyday objects of the past, such as the shimmering cut crystal of a 1960s cocktail glass, or the delicate yet functional T-strap adorning a ladies' shoe from the 1920s. Vintage things continually surprise and delight me, and I hope my artwork brings you a similar joy!


I make my creations from a sunny little home studio in Austin, Texas, USA, but I look forward to connecting with you through my art, wherever you may be in the world.

I've been a lifelong creative type, and have trained and worked as a fine artist, an art educator, and a graphic designer. In addition, I continually hone my craft with new techniques and technology. My well-rounded design knowledge and evolving artistic skills allow me to create unique and engaging artwork for a variety of situations and uses.

Need something lovely to adorn your products or bring life to your text?

Let's create something beautiful together!​