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Beth Hempton illustration

Illustrator & Bigtime Retrophile


Hello and thank you for checking out my art. "Obsessed with the beauty in the details" is one way that I describe myself. Another is that I'm often overcome with anemoia. If you haven't heard of this term, it's an interesting phenomenon: nostalgia for a time you've never known. Nostalgic is how I feel when browsing long-forgotten items in vintage stores or watching old black and white movies. These gorgeous things may be from decades before I was even born, but I just love them.


Old-fashioned things like phonographs, vintage clothing, and mid-century homewares are recurring motifs of my artwork. I'm inspired by the amazing details of everyday objects of the past, such as the delicate yet functional T-straps adorning ladies' shoes from the 1920s and 30s. Though vintage objects continually delight me, I love to draw all kinds of things!

The short version of my art background & experience: I began my undergraduate studies by diving into drawing and painting at the University of Texas at Austin. Then I moved to Seattle and earned a BFA in Graphic Design at Cornish College of the Arts. From there, I worked in design agencies for several years, both in Seattle and in Germany. Then I decided I'd like to be an art teacher instead of a graphic designer, so I went back to school for a Masters in Teaching at Seattle U. I taught high school art for two years, but that wasn't quite the right fit for me either. I moved on to creative entrepreneurial pursuits, including making handmade children's toys and later starting up my own retro clothing boutique.


And now, after many years of trying many things, I've realized that all I really want to do is draw pictures! Currently, I make my creations from a sunny little home studio in Austin, Texas, but I look forward to connecting with you through my art, wherever you may be in the world. 


Need something lovely to adorn your products or bring life to your text?

Let's create something beautiful together!​

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